Trading Info

Account Verification

Thank you for opening an account with OffersFX. Because of our regulatory obligations, our priority is the client's security. Therefore we require specific identification documents. These documents should be supplied to OffersFX in order to be able to start trading.
Should you choose to scan your documents, we strongly advise you to use the following setting: 200 dpi, grey level (not color), file format should be JPEG, resolution should be set to 24 bits.
Documents can also be photographed by smartphone and uploaded either from: the Web Trader Account Options tab > Account Verification or via mobile app: Help & Support node > New Subject > Upload File.
Furthermore, ensure that you have completed the assessment of appropriateness, step 2, of our registration process, detailing your experience, activity and other knowledge.

Please provide the following:


Passport must clearly display your name and your date of birth. It must also have a valid expiration date.
*Kindly consider that cropped or non-readable documents are not acceptable.

Government Issued Photo ID Card

In the absence of a passport, you can provide an ID Card which must clearly display your name and your date of birth. It must also have a valid expiration date. Please kindly submit both sides of the document.
*Kindly consider that cropped or non-readable documents are not acceptable.

Proof of Address – Submission of Document evidencing the place that you permanently reside

The proof of address must correspond with the residential address you supplied on your online application during account opening/registration process. This can be in the form of a utility bill (electricity, phone, water), a bank statement issued within six months from your account registration, or any other document same with the aforesaid. Please note that documents evidencing your residential address that have been received during account registration and are more than six (6) months old cannot be accepted. Ensure that your name appears on the document evidencing your place of residence, along with your address, issue date and the name of the company issuing the aforesaid document. The requested information shall always be clearly visible.


In the cases where the Client has not submitted to the Company all the required identification documents and his identity has not been verified prior/when commencing the establishment of the business relationship with the Company, the Company may accept the Client, with the following provisions in place: (a) the cumulative amount of deposited funds of the Client are not exceeding the amount of €2.000; (b) deposits are performed only from bank accounts (or through other means linked to a bank account, e.g. credit card), which is in the name of the Client; (c) the cumulative time in which the verification of the identity of the Client is completed, does not exceed 15 days from initial contact; (d) in the case where the verification of the Client’s identity has not been completed during the designated timeframe of 15 days, the commencement of a business relationship is terminated on the date of the deadline’s expiry and all deposited funds are returned to the Client, in the same bank account from which they originated. The procedure for returning the funds shall occur immediately, regardless of whether the customer has requested the return of their funds or not. The returned funds will include any profits the Client has gained during their transactions and deducting any losses incurred. (e) the Client’s explicit consent of the procedure followed is obtained, before the establishment of the business relationship. (f) In case the cumulative amount of deposited funds of the Client exceeds the amount of €2.000 prior to the set time frame of 15 days from initial contact then the Client shall be responsible to complete with the Company the verification of the Client’s identity on the date the deposited funds of the Client have exceeded the amount of €2.000.
Trading CFDs involves significant risk of loss. CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 88.7% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.